We specialize in the distribution of barebones notebooks, servers, tablets and smartphones in Latin America.

After many years selling Compal barebones notebooks in Latin America in partnership with Bizcom Electronics in Milpitas, California USA we have transitioned to a new ODM partner - Pegatron Corp.


Fetraco/Bizcom Latin America LLC is the commercial representative for the Gigabyte NCBU (Networking Communication Business Unit) in all of Latin America.


Smartphones & Tablets
We maintain a strong partnership with Shenzhen Kinstone D&T Develop Co, Ltd in China. We have tablets and smart phones for all market segments.


About Us

Fetraco/Bizcom Latin America LLC, commonly known as the ¨New Fetraco¨, is an American corporation with headquarters in Port Townsend, WA, USA. We specialize in the distribution of barebones/white box notebooks, servers, tablets and smart phones in Latin America. We partner with leading ODMs from Taiwan and China to bring only the best and most up to date technology to our customers in Latin America. We have satellite sales offices in Salvador, Brazil and in Buenos Aires, Argentina which allow us to perform our day to day activities closer to our customers. Our main ODM partners have warehouses in the USA, allowing us to deliver products quickly and efficiently to Miami. Larger, built to order shipments usually ship directly from China to minimize logistics costs.

We have been exporting barebones products to Latin America for many years. We know how to help our customers achieve success with our products and build their own brands. That is why many of them have been buying from us for over 10 years. We are in this market for the long term and we value long term partnerships. We know it is not easy for the local brands to compete with the multinational giants. That is why it is essential to find partners like us who know how the IT market really works in Latin America and who know how to make things happen with the Asian ODM’s. Whether it is public bid projects, retail sales or sales to the corporate sector we can help.