After many years selling Compal barebones notebooks in Latin America in partnership with Bizcom Electronics in Milpitas, California USA we have transitioned to a new ODM partner - Pegatron Corp.  We specialize in large, built to order shipments that ship directly to Latin America from the ODM’s plants in China. We can also supply Quanta notebooks for special projects. Between the two ODMs we have competitive notebooks for all market segments. Depending on the customer and country of destination we can ship the notebooks as fully built units, in barebones format, in SKD format for full local assembly or in CKD format for the motherboard to be manufactured by the customer in the destination. This last modality is usually only for the Brazilian market.

We have shipped hundreds of thousands of notebooks to Latin America over the years.  We know the Latin American notebook market better than anyone.  We understand the import requirements of each country, which helps reduce the import tax burden for our customers and the overall cost of our products.  For the Argentine market we financed the development of an exclusive ID for the 14’’ Pegatron model C14D/C14S which is only available to Fetraco/Bizcom customers. See photo on the left.